Mobile application «ONLY ORIGINAL», which is supported and served by “ONLY ORIGINAL” Ltd., located at Parus Business Centre, 2 Mechnykova St., 19th floor, Pechersk district, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01023

“ONLY ORIGINAL” Ltd., which is referred to hereinafter as a “Company”, provide Privacy Policy terms to regulate data capturing, its usage, information disclosure, users private information transmission and storage.

If you install and use this application, it means that the Company will collect your Personal Data.

Providing us with your Personal Data or installing and using mobile application «ONLY ORIGINAL», you accept this Privacy Policy terms and consent to Personal Data processing, as well as confirm, that you read and acknowledge with the list of rights as Personal Data subject specified in 8th Section of the Law of Ukraine On Protection of Personal Data. By following the link you will find all the needed information mentioned above:

You are not required to provide Personal Data according to our request, however, if you do not specify it, in some cases we will not be able to provide you with the opportunity to use the mobile application, provide a service or respond to your request.

1. Description of Data Capture Privacy Policy

For using mobile application «ONLY ORIGINAL», which is referred to hereinafter as a “Mobile application”, we can ask you to provide the following information such as surname, name, gender, date of birth, email, phone number and social profile (for example Facebook, Google+).

Also, using the Mobile application, we can collect your following personal data such as UDID / IMEI, device model, IP address, location data, information about scanned, purchased goods, which are marked with a special sign “Only Original”, and its price.

If you use our contact form, we will have an opportunity to save your entered personal data (surname, name, email, phone number) and your message. This information is necessary to provide the answer to your request.

In the process of using the Mobile application, we save information about your actions and personal preferences.

Make sure, that your provided Personal Data was accurate and up-to-date, and refreshed as soon as reasonably possible after any changes.

2. Purpose of using Data Capture Privacy Policy

All the data capture through the use of the Mobile application was made for the following purposes:

- to determine the goods originality, which are marked with a special sign “Only Original”, and which are suggested for sale in retail stores, as well as to provide you with the relevant information of such goods originality;

- to ensure uninterrupted functioning of the Mobile application, as well as to provide you with the information and services;

- to answer your questions;

- to provide you with technical support services;

- to conduct internal analysis and investigations, trend determination of product usage for the purposes of improvement Mobile application, as well as other products of the Company;

- to send you push-notifications, news material and marketing information about the products and services of the Company, as well as offers, products and services of selected third-party companies, but only within permission of current legislation or according to settings specified by you (see the section “How to cancel push-notifications” below);

- to send you administrative messages (for example, when you forget your password);

- to prevent fraud and malpractice detection of Mobile application, services and web-sites.

3. Who else can access your data?

Your data can access our representatives in other countries and affiliated companies in order to process data for our needs, as well as to provide you with the information to your request.

Our company cooperates with third-party companies in the field of software development and improvement of Mobile applications. These companies can compile statistics about the use of the Mobile Application and shall be authorised to require your Personal Data, only if it is necessary to provide us with the relevant services.

In exceptional circumstances we may disclose your Personal Data on the authority of legal requirements, as well as with the aim of protecting ourselves or third parties from damage and illegal acts.

4. Cookies

Some of our websites and Mobile applications are using cookies. These are small text files that the website is sending to your device in order to monitor your actions in the network. That sort of files can be used by our websites or Mobile applications in order to save your preferences during using of our website or Mobile applications for the purposes of improving some aspects of our websites and applications work, also monitoring your network and providing you with personalized advertising and other materials. You can turn off the cookies in the browser settings menu, however, in this case, some features of our websites or Mobile applications may not be available.

5. Security

We accepts commercially reasonable measures according to Personal Data security. These measures include processes and procedures focused on risks of unauthorized access of your Personal Data and disclosure of information. However, we do not guarantee the complete data abuse of your Personal Data on the part of hackers. Keep your account passwords in a safe place and do not disclose them to third parties. If it has come to your acknowledge of illegal use of your password or other security incident, please, contact us immediately.

6. How to cancel push-notifications?

If you don’t want to receive Push-notifications from us anymore, go to the “Settings” section of the Mobile application and deactivate this function.

7. Update of existing Privacy Policy.

We regularly review our compliance with our Privacy Policy and perform Privacy Policy update, so as to display there changes in our informational aspects.

If there is any changes in Privacy Policy, we will notify you by an email ( specified in your account) and / or display these changes on our website Any changes to the Privacy Policy become legally effective from the moment when updated Privacy Policy is published on our website, unless there won’t be specified postdate of publication which is coming into effect. Further use of the Mobile application after changes to the Privacy Policy come into effect means that you accept the amended Privacy Policy terms.

8. Contact Information

For general questions, please contact customer support using the Mobile application (“Contact us” section menu).

You are legally entitled to know what kind of your Personal Data contained by Company and how this data is processed. If you want to know what your Personal Data we are using, please, send us the request letter and mention the Mobile application to the address: “Only Original” Ltd., Parus Business Centre, 2 Mechnykova St., 19th floor, Pechersk district, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01023

Please note, that we may require identity authentication.

Latest date and time of Privacy Policy update is January, 2019.